Fax Solutions

We provide a full range of market leading fax solutions, including On Premise Fax Servers, Cloud Fax Services and Hybrid solutions

AMS have been providing fax solutions for 25 years to over 2000 customers across all industry sectors, trusted by well-known organisations and government bodies by offering tailored solutions, to reduce the costs and risks identified with standalone fax devices and paper driven processes. Our dedicated implementation and support team understand the importance of delivering the right, bespoke solution to meet your requirements.

Many of our customers take advantage of our Complementary Fax Audit. We will look at your current fax infrastructure and the options to replace it with a central fax server or cloud fax solution that's right for you.

Production Faxing

Production faxing solutions can help you automate faxing in ways that reduce expense and enhance business-critical information exchange processes.

The Usual Suspects

If any of the requirements above apply to you, then click below to find out the benefits of a fax server solution

OpenText's market-leading fax solutions help organisations easily and securely manage all volumes of fax document delivery. Enabling organisations and users to easily capture, store, manage, archive and dispose of their documents. Traditional fax machines are expensive to run, insecure, involve time consuming manual processes and integrate poorly with existing infrastructure.

AMS Ltd offer every on-premise and cloud based fax option. Whether you are a small business or a multinational based across several locations, AMS offer fully scalable solutions that exactly fit our customer's requirement.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by replacing stand alone fax machines and cutting paper delivery resource by as much as 90%.

Fax solution implementation negates the need for replacement fax machine costs, maintenance costs and the IT headache of managing a fleet of single function fax machines.

OpenText Fax Solutions reduce toner and paper use - enhancing our customers’ green efforts. Finally, customers can consolidate resources and leverage existing investments through shared resources.


OpenText Fax Solutions integrate with your existing IP networks using FOIP or the Cloud, as well as appliance based solutions when virtualisation is not the preferred choice.

Fax solutions also leverage customer investments by integrating with existing MFPs, without the need for expensive fax cards or analogue lines and (maybe most importantly), OpenText Fax Solution customers are able to take advantage of a broad range of integrations through alliances with the leading global ERP, ECM, and Messaging vendors.


Market leading security ensures compliance and gives full control over all inbound and outbound fax communications. OpenText Fax Solutions are relied on for highly sensitive communications by many of the world’s leading banks, healthcare and other organisations where security is paramount.

Our customers are able to utilise extensive encryption, tracking, auditing, and reporting capabilities.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

The opportunity for customers to protect their business critical documents by using Disaster Recovery and High Availability options.

OpenText Fax Solutions offer a unique, multi-server architecture for load-balancing, scalability, and redundancy that works with or without virtualisation.

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